Marsupials Starve

A Tree Kangaroo

Most [marsupials] have four molars… The molars are large and, unusually, do not appear all at once but a pair at a time at the back of the mouth as the animal ages, eventually becoming worn down by the tough, abrasive grasses and falling out… when the last pair is too worn to be of use, they starve to death.


Traumatic insemination is the (sometimes sole) mating practice in some species of invertebrates in which the male pierces the female’s abdomen with his penis and injects his sperm through the wound into her abdominal cavity. The process is detrimental to the female’s health. It creates an open wound which impairs the female until it heals, and is susceptible to infection. [story]

“Carl and Raylene Worthington told detectives that they never considered calling a doctor, even as their 15-month-old daughter deteriorated and died.

‘I don’t believe in them,’ Carl Worthington said of doctors. ‘I believe in faith healing.'” [story]

11-Year old Madeline Neuman died of a treatable form of diabetes. The police chief said that her parents believed she would be healed if they just kept praying and called more people to help pray. [story]

1 Corinthians 11:4

“A warrant has been issued for the arrest of a man charged with stabbing his son Sunday afternoon because the son failed to remove his hat while two attended church services earlier in the day.” [story]

Keri Shryock fell more than 20 feet during the Dec. 17 opening night of a Christmas show Crossroads Community Church and landed headfirst on the concrete floor, and she died the following day. [story]

Elephant’s First Mating

“Of the 900 elephants that pass through Samburu National Reserve, Daballen and Lentipo can each recognize about 500 individuals on sight… [Daballen] can point out a youngish female limping piteously on three legs and explain that she’s Babel, of the same family, probably crippled when she was mounted too young by a bull.” National Geographic, September 2008, pg 49 [story]